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About Us

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT LAYEWAY.COM SERVICES BEFORE USING OUR SITE. was founded on a simple premise! Let everyone enjoy & utilize the internet to purchase merchandise. Not just a privileged few. Anyone that makes a product should be able to sell their labor, services, & merchandise directly to consumers World Wide. Workers & their factories can raise their standard of living selling direct to these consumers of the world. Consumers can buy their products Factory Direct and get the same deals that were only previously available to the Multi-National Corporations.

Founded in 1993 by Ron Harnack & Greg S. Held, achieved unprecedented growth World Wide. Overnight millions of people around the Globe discovered the Freedom of “Real Free Trade ". Based in rural Iowa, USA.with the Midwestern Attitudes of fairness, empathy, and honesty quickly enlightened people throughout the International Community that commerce could be achieved without an International Corporation providing the services.

Join our vision. Let's all work together to make life better for everyone. Become a partner in Free Trade. Join today. Buy Sell, Trade with the other partners, merchants, & workers World Wide. You control the destiny of International Trade.

After the economic disaster of the last several years it has become increasing evident that the people that caused these problems have no vested interest in the common man or worker. They don't carry about borders, sovereignty, liberty, or the standard of living of the workers. Only their profits. The people's only hope is too band together to lift one another up and provide for each other through economics. Not some pie in the sky Keynesian government making promises to the people while creating a ruling oligarchy of International Corporations and political elitist.