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- Sending Money, Goods, Services

Sending Money, Goods, Services Send Money, Goods, Services System

Utilize’s World Wide System to deliver payments, goods, & service anywhere through the local’s system of geographical offices & partners. Through the use of a Layeway financial account money, merchandise, documents, and services can be hand delivered to any third party even if they don’t own a financial account. Receive money, goods, documents, and services by reversing the process. Let know what you want delivered, where, and when for a planned execution of your delivery demands.

Once your account has been funded, authorized, and audited, your funds can be hand delivered to make purchases, make payments, create services, and transact business where ever has local offices covering a geographical region of the world.

Ever vigilant, Layeway acts as a marketing & buying agent representing your interests.

Our goal is to transact business on a Global basis for you in a fraud free manner. makes every effort to not only reduce fraud in payments, but also in your purchasing. Our agents thoroughly review all transactions to make sure you are getting what you were promised.

Whether it is documents, money, merchandise, or services, can provide the system that can get your products delivered and paid. Consumers can make sure that they will get the products they purchased hand delivered to them. Help us make free trade and global trade a reality for everyone not just the large multi national corporations.

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