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Payment Processing

Consumer & Merchant alike are being threatened by the continued growth of fraud. Not just online but with any financial transaction. Have you ever noticed that companies that sell money orders do not accept money orders? The reason might just be that they are no worth the paper they are printed upon. Take a bank certified check into the same institution but different location and find the hoops that you have to jump through to get it cashed if you do not have an account to from which the bank can protect itself from the fraud. This fiat system is so encompassed with fraud that banks will not even accept their own checks.

The consumer has to always keep a wary eye upon the people they do business and the merchant in most cases is nothing but the bag man for the credit card companies. The credit card companies are quick to take a percentage of every good transaction especially since the advent of debit cards. Would you not like a percentage of everything bought with a debit card every day of the year? Of course you would. Would it not be nice if any fraudulent transactions were just passed back to the merchant selling the merchandise and you did not have to pony up for the losses. Beautiful scenario isn't it? All it takes with any major credit card company is a telephone call saying that your card was stolen or that someone used your credit card. No questions asked. Suddenly the merchant is holding the bag for anyone that chooses not to pay for the merchandise they charged on their debit or credit cards. Most credit card companies will let you make this claim 3x before any questions are asked about anything. The banks are no better. Just from the long history I can verify so many times that a customer has just walked into their bank and claimed they did not make purchases. No questions asked the bank payments are reversed. Then you have to go through the courts in an attempt to redeem the money that the customer has just blatantly stolen from you.

No more of this fraudulent system. has developed a secure transaction system where both the merchant and the consumer are protected from this madness. International offices with employees on the ground protect your purchases and sales. employees make sure that your transactions are secure and valid. A system of international cash drop points converts cash into electronic currency and makes your payments as good as gold. Payments are made and outside of real issues with merchandise, the payments are verified and delivered. No more waiting for 3 years to see if the credit card payment is going to be reversed. Payments are made upon delivery and the payment will be good. Money exchange is done at the same time eliminating confusing rates of exchange.

Open your Layeway account today & start living in the fraud free world of commerce.

Credit & Debit accounts are available if you qualify, all others pay cash.