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- Factory Direct Purchasing

Factory Direct Purchasing’s Factory Direct Purchasing Program
The World Wide Depression has been good for While sympathetic to the plight of the ordinary people world wide and the hardships it has caused just to find food for their families, the depression has made both consumers and manufacturers seek alternative methods of commerce. Layeway’s main problem is time required to sort through and investigate the thousands of product opportunities that are pouring in from small to large manufacturers around the Globe.

The main priority of our employees in the geographical offices throughout the world is to find products to sell from the local manufacturers. We leave no stone unturned. We are proud to do business with a shop that has only 2 employees if the product is something valuable to the consumer with excellent product workmanship and functionality.

Look at the geographical pages to find the products from different areas of the world.
Our hope is too provide access to the products that will make you life better, at a cheaper price then the multi-nationals can provide, and at the same time increase the profits of the local manufactures which in turn should help the workers earn a better living for their families. Help get rid of the slave labor produced by the International Merchants. Buy direct from the manufacturer and take away those obscene profits of the giant purveyors of merchandise.

Look through the many geographic pages of for these types of merchants.

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