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Contact us. Answer a few quick questions, and you can send money to anyone in the world, with a click of a button, directly from your bank account! allows individuals to send money ACH (electronic transfer) for only $3.00 Domestic and $15 Internationally. Layeway Representatives log each member their own personal transfer account. Each account is protected and stored off line. Please email at or through our "feedback" to begin the process.
The experts and banks keep telling us about secure solutions for buying online. The truth is that some hacker will break their system and steal your information. Our solution is simple. Open a checking account. Fund the account with the amount of money you wish to deposit in your Account. Request our Authorization Form through Layeway Feedback. Fill out the form one time and fax it to us. We will be able to transfer your funds from that account to your Layeway Account anytime you wish. This in our opinion is the safest method available for buying online. is a WEB BUYING SERVICE and much, much more. Any web user WORLD-WIDE can open an account, send funds, and purchase from any site world-wide. CREDIT CARD ONLY signs, will never stop you from buying online again, when you have a Layeway Account our helpful assistants buy it for you. We now offer Easy Fund Transfers for all members. This allows members to send funds directly from their checking accounts. For information, request Fund Transfer information in our feedback section. To read about CEO Greg Held's appearance on CNN/fn visit the following:
Click on NEW ACCOUNT or NOT A MEMBER. Fill out the required information and choose a password.
Membership at is absolutely FREE!
Personal financial information is never transmitted. In most cases, personal financial information is never required.
Instant Payment is the safest and simplest choice. members can request a Customer Authorization Agreement through our feedback section. A representative will fax you a simple form. After filling in your name and account number, fax it back to You will then enjoy the freedom of sending money anytime and anywhere. also accepts personal checks and money orders. (Please DO NOT SEND CASH) will also accept Visa and Master Card. (a small transaction fee may occur)
All funds not deposited electronically, must be mailed to: 727 Henrietta Ave. Palmer, Iowa 50571
All funds are deposited at Commercial Federal Bank in Palmer, Iowa. gives you total freedom. Many sites accept credit cards only. We make the purchase for you. We give you FREEDOM. Freedom to purchase what you want, where you want, and pay how you want.
Unlike many options that require credit card information or checking account numbers, we ask for no personal financial information. There is no information available for possible hacker attacks. We also don't limit you with one or two purchasing options like other sites. We give our members a full spectrum of services and solutions. wants it's members to be totally free in their choices and options while shopping online. Each solution is designed to help members over come obstacles that might hinder their online purchases.
Simply send a personal check or a money order to We will deposit into your Account. You can then buy anywhere online as long as you have funds available. members need to log on to the option of your choice. Fill out the required information and will make the purchase.
Log on and select account summary. You have access to all deposits, purchases, and shipping records.
You can buy with your Layeway Account from any Internet site world wide, any television commercial, radio commercial, or catalog. Layeway is a total buying service with you in mind.'s Instant Cash Option will remove funds from your checking account and deposit them to the merchant or person you desire. Many requests have been made for this option. Most members desired the ease of use and the security of not making their credit card some hacker's spending spree source.
The Preferred Sellers List is designed as a guide for member shopping. These are companies that we shop ourselves. Only sites that display a Layeway Logo are Registered Sellers. encourages members to contact eMerchants requesting services. Many of these sites are unaware shoppers will buy if given alternatives to credit cards.
Starting in October 2000, will allow businesses the ability to offer their customers the ability to pay instantly online by using their checking accounts (electronic payment transfer). Please email if you are a business and you are interested in this service. We are also promoting a special new membership option on our escrow service. Let us make it easy for buyers to buy from you.
California has contacted and requested that we not offer escrow services to their residents. We believe this is a result of their inability to understand our escrow service. We however can provide any of our other service to all Californians.

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