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LayeWay World Markets.

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No personal information is kept online!

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24/7 Telephone support for Sending / Receiving Money, Goods and much more

Join our vision. Let's all work together to make life better for everyone. Become a partner in Free Trade. Join today. Buy Sell, Trade with the other partners, merchants, & workers World Wide.
Read more was founded on a simple premise! Let everyone enjoy & utilize the internet to purchase merchandise.

Your personal information is not at risk in our system because it is not kept online for hackers to steal.

It is our business!

Confidence Knowing that a Field Agent is handling your business on the local level. Your business will be done because it is our business.

Global Presence

Buy Factory Direct, Send & Recieve Goods, Services, Money via the Local Office in each Geographic Region

Buy your merchandise at the same price as the Multi-National Corporations.

Fraud Free does not keep any personal information online at anytime. Our systems cannot be hacked for information when there isn't any available to hack.

Utilizing boots

Utilizing boots on the ground throughout the World, Layeway solves critical problems inhibiting transactions, purchases, payments, deliveries of Products & Services Internationally.

Our company

Founded in 1993 by Ron Harnack & Greg S. Held, achieved unprecedented growth World Wide. Overnight millions of people around the Globe discovered the Freedom of "Real Free Trade".
Based in rural Iowa, USA with the Midwestern Attitudes of fairness, empathy, and honesty quickly enlightened people throughout the International Community that commerce could be achieved without an International Corporation providing the services.

Open your Layeway account today & start living in the fraud free world of commerce.

Steven AlanHead Sales

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Consumer & Merchant alike are being threatened by the continued growth of fraud. Not just online but with any financial transaction. Have you ever noticed that companies that sell money orders do not accept money orders? The reason might just be that they are no worth the paper they are printed upon. Take a bank certified check into the same institution but different location and find the hoops that you have to jump through to get it cashed if you do not have an account to from which the bank can protect itself from the fraud. This fiat system is so encompassed with fraud that banks will not even accept their own checks.

The World Wide Depression has been good for While sympathetic to the plight of the ordinary people world wide and the hardships it has caused just to find food for their families, the depression has made both consumers and manufacturers seek alternative methods of commerce. Layeway's main problem is time required to sort through and investigate the thousands of product opportunities that are pouring in from small to large manufacturers around the Globe.

Layeway prides itself on getting merchandise delivered where it needs to go, when it needs to be there, and without the fear of theft or fraudulent activity. Any package can be hand delivered anywhere in the world with proper planning. Our agents on the ground make sure all issues with customs, and duties are fully satisfied. Manually tracking the progress of the package makes certain that someone is not going to make your property their own. Our people will follow the package through government red tape, and into your hands.

Always look on the bright side of life

After the economic disaster of the last several years it has become increasing evident that the people that caused these problems have no vested interest in the common man or worker. They don't carry about borders, sovereignty, liberty, or the standard of living of the workers.
Only their profits. The people's only hope is too band together to lift one another up and provide for each other through economics. Not some pie in the sky Keynesian government making promises to the people while creating a ruling oligarchy of International Corporations and political elitist.

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Layeway Anonymous

Webster's Dictionary: Anonymous; having or giving no name, of unknown or unnamed origin; marked by lack of individuality or personality.

Layeway International

Hindered by the high cost of sending and receiving money Globally for goods and services? Does it seem impossible to buy and sell what you want Worldwide?

No Personal Information is kept online at anytime!

Worried about making purchases on the internet and getting ripped off? Yes, fraud rates are high using the normal channels of purchase.

Real Factory Direct Purchasing

Buy your merchandise directly from the manufacturers. Buy at the same price Multi-National Corporations purchase their goods before margins are implemented.

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